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Limited First Edition Prints – 15 @ £15 


My latest painting is of Thoth painting himself into existence and I am offering a very limited first print run of this painting at £15 each.

All prints are signed and numbered as first edition prints at this special price and they will sell out fast!





Shipping to :

The Tarot 22 Project began on the 16th July 2012. I set out to paint an image each day based on a meditation on each of the 22 cards in a tarot pack. Each image was available to order in advance of its creation without knowing what would be produced. Every one sold out with in 22 hours of them going on sale!

And now, finally, prints of the images produced in those 22 sunny days of last summer are available exclusively here.


Choose any three images and they will be sent to you printed on 250gsm high quality ivory linen card, signed by the artist and hand embellished where appropriate – all the gold disks will be painted in by hand on each and every print.

Please ensure you specify which three images you would like on your paypal order.

Shipping to :

 See more from Ouarda Arts and the Tarot 22 Project on Facebook.

Ouarda Arts

I have created a new banner for my art making and called it ‘Ouarda Arts’. Specialising in spiritual and occult art, you can join the page over on Facebook at Ouarda Arts.



Ouarda is arabic for ‘rose’ and has further significance for Thelemites and those from similar spiritual paths. I am looking forward to developing this new endeavour in the coming moths.

Snake Pass

A painting I created by using ink on wet paper, this is called ‘Snake Pass’ and is an impression of then landscape seen from the road known as Snake Pass which is a remote, high road through the Peak District between Sheffield and Manchester.

Some photographs of the area can be seen at this Google search.

The painting is created using water based ink and PVA glue and working on wet paper. This is a technique I enjoy experimenting with and come back to a lot.

Tarot 22 Project

This week I came up with an idea for a new art project: Tarot 22.

22 days, 22 tarot trumps, 22 paintings one about each card, £22 each.


Over 22 days, I will be meditating upon each of the 22 tarot trumps and producing an A4 pieces of art after each one. These 22 images will be available for purchase at £22 each.

For the brave and the bold, each image can be bought in advance of its creation which will guarantee you that day’s image and get you free shipping worldwide!


An example of the sort of image I produce when working in this way.

Interest in the project was immediate and within a hour of announcing it, I had over 50 people join the group asking for details on how they could pay. After releasing those details, 13 images had sold out in 2 hours.  The following morning, just 12 hours since the conception of the project, there are 100 members of the group and only a handful of images are still available to buy.

I have no idea what the results of each day of image making will be, I am sure some days will be full on elaborate art and other days will be sketchy and immediate. I think not knowing what you will receive is part of the excitement of this endeavour and being part of the very first time I have done something like this. I am retaining all the rights to reproduce images and create derivative works from them so depending on the results, more may come out of this.

Most images are now sold in advance of the project starting on Monday 16th July. Please ask for a list of those few still available if you are interested in taking part.

Here is a new painting by me, it is titled ‘I Wish I Could Remember the Way You Smell’ and is a sentimental and personal image.



Above is the full image made up of 20 pieces measuring 8cm by 3cm each. Below is a selection from the image (aligned differently as I like it better that way) showing some of the detail.


When I have shown people images of this, it is the detailed version which often draws more attention which made me think about how the beauty of certain details can some times be lost when trying to see the bigger picture. It is easier to see both when you are looking at the original painting as the eyes adjust to both.



Sometimes I like to enjoy the tactility of paint, to explore the medium without any clear idea in my head of what it is I want to produce. This stepping back from thinking about the product allows me to relax into the process of using paint and to enjoy the way it moves and flows without worrying about it.

I find it a very relaxing way to paint because I am not concerned with the outcome so much as how it feels to use the paint. Often, pleasant results come out of this process non-the-less and here is one that came out of working in that way today.

Roses painting


Poster paint on A3 paper (selection)

One of the drawbacks however is that I often use very inexpensive materials for this sort of exploration as I enjoy the immediacy of them and not having to worry about wasting them if I create nothing more than a mess that day, and I believe there is considerable value in mess-making too. So none of these images will last well, the colours will fade easily and the paint will crack and fall away from the paper without extremely careful handling. In some ways I don’t mind this at all, I think there is beauty in impermanence too.

Anger and Sadness

Another in my occasional series of ink on wet paper drawings, here is something I painted yesterday. It was a piece of personal therapeutic art making for me  to do with the way anger and sadness can sometimes get mixed up. I used acrylics as well as ink on wet paper for a change and I am not sure I like the effect as much as the subtlety of previous times when I have stuck to just the inks.

Scientists are looking into just why the arts have such health benefits but seem to agree that they do have a positive effect on mental and physical well-being.

The article The arts are good for you  in the Edmonton Journal considers some of the research being undertaken.

Sold Prints

I sold lots of prints over at Abrahadabra Press this week. I love seeing them all laid out together while I hand paint the finishing touches to them ready to post them all out to their new homes.

Here is a some pictures of the set’s of prints all ready to go.

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